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Bova Interiors is a full service interior design studio specializing in commercial and residential interiors. Here at Bova we understand that every project is different and has it’s own challenges.  This makes our process and approach to each client unique. Our passion for design and desire to promote your vision is our driving force and hope to create the space of your dreams.


Bova is a licensed Interior Design Firm in Maple Ridge BC. Based in Maple Ridge we have completed projects in many surrounding city’s Surrey, Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Langley and many more to come. Bova is as diverse as their interiors, ranging from single family homes to corporate offices to dispensaries across Canada. The scope of Bova's projects varies from single room updates to entire space renovations and new construction. Working along side skilled contractors and craftsmen Bova Interiors continues to embellish each and every project that comes their way.


Whether the project is modern, traditional, new construction or tenant improvement Bova creates a space with a fresh perspective that uniquely reflects your personality and charm. Our services include complete interior design, renovation design, and commercial design packages. 




When thinking about her career path Mariya always knew she wanted to do something she loved. After entering The Art Institute of Vancouver for their Interior Design Diploma program, Mariya realized she was able to use her creativity along side her love for business. Completing the Diploma program within two years, Mariya graduated Best in Show for her portfolio and ended up working as a Corporate Designer for the first year of her career.


She has now successfully been in the industry for over 4 years with experience in both Commercial and Residential design. Working along side construction companies in the Lower Mainland and gaining experience through collaboration with senior designers. Mariya has been able to acquire experience in drafting construction documents, preparing presentations, permitting and many other aspects of the design process. Opening Bova Interiors has been her dream since the first day she began her education and now she is making that dream happen.


With a fresh approach and young eyes, Mariya hopes to impact the modern view of design.


“Make the space functional, then make it pretty” - Mariya Balashova 

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